User’s Guide to Garage Door Openers

There is no trend for traditional roll-up garage doors that need to be lifted or lowered by hand. Nowadays, garage door openers are equipped with different security and functional devices to make garage door opening and closing easier. No matter what is the material of the garage door or how heavy the garage door, it can be installed with certain safety accessories and any type of garage door opener.

Electric openers are used to ensure the safety and security of your house under any circumstances. They are designed with several options and designs to suits your needs and requirements. The good thing is that garage door openers can be easily installed within 4 to 5 hours. A professional expert can do this in just 1 hour. Check the website to get more information about garage door openers.

There are two types of garage door openers depending on the purpose of use, one is the residential opener and the other is commercial. The models in the commercial range are Jackshift, Trolley, Hoist, and the Slide model. A trolley opener is best for standard sectional garage doors while Jackshift is used for roller shutter garage doors. Hoist operator is similar to Jackshaft but they are best for heavy-duty industrial garage doors.

The main step in buying a garage door opener is to determine the HP (horsepower) and actual drive system of the garage door. There are three types of garage door openers depending on the drive system that is chain-driven, direct drive, and belt-driven garage door system. Another important point to be considered while choosing a reliable garage door opener is the type of motor and horsepower. All models of openers are different in speed and performance. The average speed of the opener is 7 inches lift or drop per second. There are some models of openers that run at even double this speed.

Garage door openers are available under different types of warranties and guarantees. Personal security is another important aspect while choosing the right model of garage door opener. It is also essential that an automatic garage door with an electric opener should be equipped with safety sensors and a non-contact invisible beam system that can sense the presence of something or someone and force the garage door to stop and reverse to its opened position. Other valuable features of garage door openers are automatic lights system, reversal features, force adjustment system, and manual emergency release cord feature.

Old garage door openers are normally noisier but the recent models are designed with a belt system that is quiet in operations. Proper maintenance routines are used to lessen the sounds created by garage door openers.

All over, the latest models of garage door openers should be safe, resistant, and reliable to enhance their life span. Some models of garage door openers are operated by remote control. It is especially beneficial for those who have attached garages. However, it is strongly suggested that have a rolling code technology to operate the garage door as it is easy for criminals to capture the code from the air. Electric garage door opener also offers automatic light features, remote control, wall-operator buttons, and a speed control mechanism.