Safety First While Replacing Garage Door Springs

There is one garage door repair job that most that you should not even attempt on your own without professional assistance. This is why garage door spring repair and replacement is required to operate the garage door smoothly.

Since these springs are under extreme amount of pressure that can hurt you if you don’t handle them properly. You may seriously injure or kill by the broken garage door springs if you are not trained and experienced in this filed. So, consider this project dangerous and handle it with extreme care. I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks which I used to find out the garage door spring repair near me. You can trust that what is reading is informative because I have extensive knowledge about garage doors.

There are two basic types of springs that are used on the automatic garage door to perform balancing functions. They are extension and torsion spring system that are used on overhead garage door. The torsion springs are the recent models of springs. Extension springs are common but safer types of springs. There may be two that are located on both sides of garage door.

The torsion springs are mounted on a metal shaft over the opening of garage door. Remember that if one of the springs has already broken, you will need to replace both of them in order to make your garage door secure. It is necessary because the other one will break soon. It will save you both time and money to replace them both in a single job. If you want to adjust or replace the garage door springs, you need appropriate tools to perform this project.

  • Appropriate size of vise grip pliers
  • Correct size of winding bars
  • Socket wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Ruler 
  • And ladder

You will be able to perform the safest and secure job as long as you have right tools and appropriate knowledge. Don’t try to use the wrong size of winding bar, wrench, or springs because you are only inviting the troubles.

Another safety rule for replacing the garage door spring is to keep in mind that garage door is bulky and complicated object. The heavy duty springs can make garage door weighted that are hard to manage. At the same time, garage door springs that operate the garage door are under huge amount of pressure when garage door goes down.

Garage door extension springs are safer to use than torsion springs. They do not contract or expand when garage doo moves to go up or down. The use of torsion springs is recommended because they help the garage door to run smoothly and safer even in the case of breakage. It is never worth a human life to handle the dangerous job of garage door spring without having right tools and skills. If you have any doubt about your skills, call professional garage door experts who have been qualified and trained to handle the job.