Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors become malfunction and start giving you troubles in the operations for a variety of reasons. As the garage door gets older it can start to break out, the motor decreases its performance, springs and cables become loose, and tracks get dented and damaged. Most of the garage door problems should be treated by certified and experienced garage door technicians to fix and replace the malfunctioning garage door parts. However, there are some common issues which you can solve by yourself. Click here for more information about garage door repair services.

The most common complaint is that the garage door is not opening at all or running smoothly. If you push the button of your remote and the garage door is not responding at all then there are few points that need to be checked.   

  • Check the remote control to make sure that it has enough batteries
  • Make sure that the garage door opener is still securely plugged into the right outlet
  • Check the fuse box to make sure that a breaker or fuse was not tripped at all
  • Make sure that the antenna is hanging down towards the right direction
  • Check the wall-mounted switch to confirm if it is working or not. If it is fine then you should try to reprogram the opener and replace the remote control with the new one

Another common problem with a garage door is that it will not close completely. This can be caused by misaligned tracks which are not able to slide down on the tracks properly. Check the tracks thoroughly to find out the bends, dents, and obstructions, and then clean the garage door using a mild household cleaning liquid. Test the garage door by raise and lower it by hand. If your garage door raises and lowers easily manually without any problem then the problems lie with the close limit switch. The close limit switch should be:

  • Too far from the motor your garage door will not open properly
  • Too close to the motor then the garage door will not close completely

It is best to leave the configuration of the close limit switch to a trained and qualified garage door repair technician. There are one more parts that can cause garage door problems is the garage door sensor. Many garage doors have sensors near the bottom to prevent the garage door from being closed on cars, pets, and toddlers. The sensors will sense if something is blocking the path of the garage door and will stop the garage door from closing. If your garage door goes back before touching the floor, you should check the sensors to make sure that there is no obstruction that tripping the sensors.