Message to Parents


We have fond memories of games played with family and friends. We recall the lessons and skills learned; the thrill of winning and the disappointment of losing. We remember being anxious for it to be our move.

When TV, Internet, and computer/console games constantly compete for our attention, sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics of connecting personally with others while having a great time.

If it’s been a while since you’ve played games and you’re not sure where to start, begin with the classic games we carry, like those you may have enjoyed playing with your family and friends growing up. Then venture out and explore games like you’ve never seen and won’t find at the big box stores. European board games are a great example with quality artwork and game pieces and are developed with the whole family in mind. European game manufacturers have gone much further than their counterparts in the US to develop quality board games for time spent together as a family. In other words, you don’t have to suffer through a “child’s” game in order for everyone to play the same game and have a great time. And if you like checkers and chess, try out Mancala or Dominos.

We realize all games are not for everyone. And even the most benign of games can result in a not-so-fun experience when there’s poor sportsmanship, or simply not being age appropriate for the participants. We support parent involvement and encourage parents who may have questions to consult with us and carefully read over game materials before making a purchase decision. After a game is purchased, it’s a good idea to initiate play with just you and your child. Ask your child to teach you how to play. Even if you never develop the same passion for the game as she does (although you might!), you’ll certainly feel more involved and have more knowledge about what the game is or isn’t and your child will appreciate teaching you something new!

Unlike computer games, our games are completely portable. From your dining room table to a friend’s house to the family camping trip, our games can go anywhere you’re comfortable playing them – and they don’t require batteries!


Visit us and we can give you recommendations or check out our Board Game of the Week in our store, where we feature and demonstrate exciting and unusual games.

It’s Your Move!