Games in Education

Gone were those days when gaming is just an element to past the time. Nowadays, gaming is already a stronghold for building a stronger camaraderie among people. It is a good outlet to release stress, and a great way to bond with your friends and loved ones. Gaming also…

  • Builds social skills and cooperativeness
  • Engenders fair play
  • Encourages healthy competitiveness
  • Inspires planning and execution
  • Promotes concentration and observation
  • Exemplifies playing to win with good sportsmanship
  • Teaches a wide variety of subjects while your students are having fun!

So you see, it’s about time the world see gaming in a different light. Gaming is simply like any other things that when executed in a right balance, will do more good than bad. Who doesn’t need a good play time after long hours of studying and working? Definitely, not us.

It’s Your Move, Games and Hobbies is a strong supporter of games in education. We have observed the benefits children have received playing games in the classroom and believe there is a game to support almost any curriculum. As Game Specialists, we can provide several age and grade appropriate recommendations to help you make the best selections for your class group. Call us today to know more.


Fundraising Opportunities for your School or Program

We do fundraising activities for a good cause every once in a while.

  • Donations of games for your school’s Family Game Night
  • Store sponsorship of your game league or program
  • Designated school shopping spree “give back” days

These are just some of the ways It’s Your Move, Games and Hobbies supports the community. We are more than happy to discuss with you other creative ways our store can benefit your school or program.

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