We always have many events going on at the store from Chess to Role-playing, Scrabble to Magic, or Board Games to Comedy.

You can find all our Special Events on Facebook -or- check out the Calendar of Weekly Events for info on all the regularly scheduled activities.


Weekly Events



  • No regular weekly events. If you have an idea or want to throw a game night, let us know!


  • 7:00 PM : Bay Area Pathfinder Society RPG


  • 7:00 PM  : Magic: The Gathering draft : Open to anyone! Players of all skill levels are welcome to join!


  • 7:00PM : Open Gaming Night! Come in and play any of the community games we have, or feel free to bring your own! Bring friends and family for a fun night!


  • 10:30AM- 4:OOPM :  Youth Pathfinder Society : every other week
  • 11:00AM – 5:00PM : Scrabble Club : every other week
  • 3:30PM – 7:30 PM: Chess Club 
  • 8:00PM : Adult RPG : Invitation only! Ask Will for details!


  • 11:00AM- 4:OOPM :  Youth Pathfinder Roleplaying
  • 11:00AM – 3:00PM : Go Club
  • 3:30 PM – 7:30PM : Chess Club

Special Events on Facebook – Calendar of Weekly Events

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